Thursday, 16 February 2017

Cupcakes and Carousels for next week's classes......

 Next week I am running a product focus class.... when I pick a favourite suite of products from our catalogues and build a class around them.  These are some of my favourite classes because I get to choose what I love to work with, and share it with you.  The possibilities are endless of course.  But this time I have chosen one of my favourites... the Cupcakes and Carousels suite of products.  The hard part of making these classes is that I have so many ideas it's really hard to choose which projects we will make!  But one of our projects is a gift bag, and you can see it in the picture above.

The thing is, this is not my idea or even my artwork.  One of the things I love about being a demonstrator is that we can run our business however we like, but StampinUp provides us with so much great training and so many fresh ideas.... and we are welcome to use them all. I've copied this bag design almost exactly from a training email we received just this week (they come through weekly) and loved it so much I thought it would be great as one of our class projects.

People often ask me.... how do you come up with all your ideas?  And for those thinking of joining, I know its a concern... they worry that they aren't creative enough.  But the truth is that there are so many ideas available to us.... copying from the catalogues, Pinterest, Blogs, and training from StampinUp too.  We have 2 training days per year that all demonstrators are welcome to attend, plus we have Online resources and weekly emails too.  We are never left without resources to run our businesses.

And there is also the sheer joy of creating something yourself.  It is so satisfying to use a stamp set or other products in a new and different way.  I sometimes set aside days to just create and enjoy that feeling.  Those are my favourite days, and I am so grateful that StampinUp gives me the opportunity to create just for me (and for you too!)

If you'd like to come along to my Cupcakes and Carousels class next week I have two timeslots.... Tuesday evening (21st) at 7.30pm or Wednesday daytime (22nd) at 11.15.  We'll be making 3 projects  (this bag is one) and the cost is $25.   Im looking forward to a great class next week and I hope you can join us!  I run my classes on the Central Coast in my home studio, so places are limited.

To book a spot, click HERE and let me know you are coming along.  For those unable to make it to class, stay tuned... I have an Online Class coming up using these products.

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