Friday, 1 December 2017

Year End Sale and Retiring List is UP!

Todays the day we find out which items from the Holiday Catalogue will be saying goodbye.... and to make it even sweeter, some items are discounted for you too.  And finally, there are a couple of Annual Catalogue items on the list that are discounted for you, even though they are not yet retiring.

When you are viewing the list you'll notice some items are marked with an asterisk/s. If they have one asterisk it means they are host sets... so even though they are retiring and therefore on the retiring list, you can only buy them with hostess dollars ie when an order is over $250aud.   If the item has 2 asterisks, it means that that some individual items in the bundle may not be retiring.  And if it has 3 asterisks, it means that even though the individual items are not retiring, these items will no longer be a bundle.  When items are bundled, the automatically save you 10% on the total price.  Some items on this list eg the Bethlehem Bundle, and the Painted Harvest bundle will no longer be bundles, BUT you'll still be able to purchase the individual items in our next annual catalogue (to be released in June 2018).

Please note that items appear on the list in page order as you leaf through your Holiday Catalogue.  So a good way to look at the list would be to view it (or maybe print it out) and go through your Holiday catalogue at the same time. (usually with a cuppa in the other hand!)  I usually highlight the retiring items with a highlighter pen so they are easy for me to spot - that way I dont miss out on any things that I need to purchase before they go.  Some items always go quickly... so dont assume you have until January 2nd to do your shopping.  And if you need it for Christmas I wouldn't leave it too late either as Australia Post delivery times are likely to slow down just before Christmas.

Without further ado.... HERE is the list.

Or click the SHOP NOW button above to go straight to the store and do your shopping - the advantage of viewing the list this way is that you get pictures as well.  But I find the list handy for quick reference.    I'll be coming back here from time to time and updating which items have sold out.  And will pop that kind of info on my Facebook Business page for you too.

Enjoy the sale and I hope you get all the retiring items you are after!

Linda x

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