Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Remembering ANZAC Day today

Here in Australia April 25 is a National Holiday.  Other countries have their own days to remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in wartime (eg Memorial Day or Remembrance Day) but ANZAC day has particular significance to Australians and New Zealanders as it commemorates the day that Australian and New Zealand forces arrived on the beach at dawn in Gallipoli, Turkey on April 25 1915, and were slaughtered as they attempted to leave their boats.  Although there were many many other campaigns during the course of WW1, in various parts of Europe, the landing at Gallipoli has become a symbol of rememberance for us.

We use this same date to remember all soldiers who have fought for us in various wars since the first "Great War", and each year on Anzac Day remembrance services are held all over the country, both here and in New Zealand.  This morning I jumped out of bed at 4.30am and headed to Terrigal Beach (NSW) to attend the dawn service.  I've been to other services over the years, but have never attended the dawn service at Terrigal.  It seemed somehow even more poignant as several thousand people gathered on the beach to remember and show respect for our fallen soldiers.  I heard the waves and wondered whether it sounded similar to what the soldiers may have heard as they headed towards the shore.  A beach dawn ceremony will always be a powerful reminder of the original occasion.

I am always moved by the reading of the Ode, the bugle that plays the "Last Post" and the sounds of the bagpipes.  As a mother I cannot even begin to understand what the mothers of those boys would have felt as their sons headed off to war.  This year I was touched and amazed at the massive crowds that gathered on the beach.  Families, young and old, people of all ages, got up super early to show their respect and give honour to those that served and sacrificed.  I felt very proud to be an Australian today, and so grateful for this beautiful country that we live in.

The card I have made today was not my idea..... my friend Vanessa Webb posted a similar card using the same flower coloured as a poppy.  Mine if anything is even more simple.  I went looking for a sentiment that would work, and found the word "Courage"... which to me is what Anzac Day is really all about. (The sentiment is from the Ribbon of Courage stamp set, which is in our current Annual Catalogue)  The flowers are from the Love what you Do stamp set... this is a new stamp set that you will be able to purchase from next month, so look out for that!

However you choose to spend your day today, remember those that gave their lives so that we could have this wonderful life that we enjoy today.

Linda D x

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