Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sydney Onstage Event... Introducing my Presentation on Lilypad Lake!

I know it looks as though I have been very quiet over the past week or two.... I've certainly been posting less projects both here and on my Facebook Business Page and Instagram.  But the truth is that I was actually EXTRA busy.... getting ready for our Onstage training event in Sydney.  (and then recovering! lol)If you are a demonstrator and you've never been to Onstage... why not????   These are the most amazing days... and its a perk of being a demonstrator that we get to attend.  (If you are a customer and you think these days sound like fun... my suggestion is to join as a demonstrator so that you can go too!)

Onstage happens twice a year in lots of regions around the world. Here in what they call the "South Pacific" region (doesnt that sound exotic???) we had our Onstage Local event in Sydney this time.  They move them around so that everyone has a chance to go.  But I actually don't care where they are..... in almost 12 years I have never missed a Stampin'Up training event... they are THAT GOOD!  Last November I went to the Melbourne event (there was one at the Gold Coast as well, but I cant be everywhere at once or I would have gone there too).

What happens at an Onstage event?  Well the number one thing is FUN.  But Onstage is also where they release new products and catalogues, supply awesome training, give away lots of prizes and tell us about upcoming exciting stuff.  But the best part of Onstage in my opinion is meeting other demonstrators and lifelong friends!  There is something about sharing with others that love the same stuff as you that just makes it so special!  I laughed a lot and may have shed a tear or two during the day too!

Would you like to see a couple of my presentation samples? One is at the top of this page and here is another:

Don't worry.... there are more and I'm looking forward to sharing them over the coming weeks.

There is so much exciting NEW stuff coming your way!  And you don't have long to wait to find out ether.   The new Annual catalogue will be released to customers on the 1st June (demonstrators can start ordering some products earlier).

I was one of the presenters at Onstage last weekend!  Its been keeping me very busy over the past few weeks. I was given a brand new bundle of products, and had to create some cool projects with it, and use those projects to present it to our Onstage group (about 600 people!)  Its such an honour to be asked to present at these events..... so of course I said yes!  I had to zip my mouth shut before the event because it had to be a surprise!  My job was to show off the new bundle, and show some different techniques with it, and also talk about how I can use it in my business.  Here's a cool pic of me doing my 10 minute presentation on the stage.....

And up on the boards....

And for me, it was possibly even cooler that I got to see one of my own team members also present and she did an AMAZING job.  I felt like a proud mother hen!  Here is a pic of the awesome Johanna Hetherington doing her presentation....

Something else exciting?  Sara, the CEO of Stampin'Up (and Shelli's daughter) was our MC for this event.  We loved having her with us, and it was so good to be able to chat with her since the smaller local event is more suited to that (Sara usually attends the bigger LIVE events... these are like Onstage on steroids.... 3 days of all this and more!)  Here's a pic of myself, Sara and my team member Jo Hooper.... it was the end of the day and we were all tired, but we still fronted up for a quick photo!

The entire team who helped us put this event together were simply awesome! I LOVE this photo of them all in front of Luna Park (which is where the event was held.... this is the second time we have had Onstage at Luna Park... such a great venue)

Stampin'Up is celebrating its 30th year this year! So our event had an 80's flavour... lots of colour and all day they played 80's anthems.  What did they play when I walked out on stage?  Eye of the Tiger of course!  No, I didnt choose it.... but I guess it is fitting since I consider myself a Survivor!

We walked away from Saturday's event with our hearts full... and our new Stampin'Up bags full of free products!  But I am just so glad I was able to be part of this year's event.  All the presentations were amazing.... we have so much local talent.... and it was wonderful to see so many people and enjoy hugs, laugher and awesome conversations all day long.  Here's the bag we filled up with lots of goodies:

Its reversible so you can decide what colour bag you want that day....

Thank you Stampin'Up for looking after us and being the BEST company to "work" for.....EVER!  Bring on the next 30 years!

Linda D

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