Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My big girl is 5!!!

On a personal note, my eldest is celebrating her 5th birthday today! This morning she came (early as per usual) into our bedroom and announced "Guess What everyone.... Im 5!!!". The presents were on the end of our bed and she squealed and did a little dance. When she answered the phone after breakfast she answered with "Five year old Emma Speaking". Dont you remember the days when you were THAT excited about birthdays??? I asked my hubby today what it would take for him to get them excited about birthdays again. His answer was "a Flat screen TV". Hmmmm, it seems that we need to spend a lot more money now to get that kind of a result.

Anyway... Happy Birthday Emma! We hope that you have the best birthday EVER!

Love Mummy!

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kate said...

thats really cute!!
love kate
from across the road!