Saturday, 7 March 2009

Quote of the Day :-) and a Giveaway for you

For anyone who has ever got as far as scrolling down to the bottom of my blog, there is a "Quote of the Day" section. The quote changes every day, and some days they are really inspirational. But todays was really special so I thought I'd repeat it here:

"Nobody can be successful if he doesn't love his work, love his job." David Sarnoff

And I guess that sums up how I feel about Stampin'Up. I've now been doing this job for 2 and a half years. I am amazed at where it has taken me, and I am so excited about where it's going. I get to work with other amazing women, who are into the same stuff as I am, and I love that we create and share together. That's both my customers and other demonstrators. I dont believe that I have shared here yet that I have once again achieved this year's Incentive Trip, which means that Greg and I will be heading off for 5 days to Noosa (Queensland) in August, all expenses paid. And the above photo is of myself receiving an Award at last year's convention from Shelli Gardner (who is the founder of Stampin'Up). I owe a big thanks to my customers and team of demonstrators, without whom I would not be able to achieve these things. I am so grateful for you all.

What is amazing to me, is that I still love SU after all this time. I remember at the beginning being worried that it might be just another phase I was going through. LOL! But I now realize that Im in for the long haul... I love it way too much to leave it behind.

Here are the top 3 questions I get asked about doing this job:

Where do you find all your ideas?
There are so many places to find ideas - it's safe to say that we will never run out! Stampin'Up dont leave you high and dry when you sign up - there is a website that we can go to that features new ideas and projects, and there is also a monthly magazine that comes out to demonstrators with new techniques to try. Other demonstrators tend to be very generous with their ideas and of course there are the myriad of US websites as well. Training events and DVD's are also supplied by SU. Copying all these ideas is actually encouraged - why come up with something on your own all the time? Outside of SU, there are a host of excellent magazines and other resources. People sometimes tell me how clever I am when I show them a card - I lap it up for a couple of seconds and then admit that mostly I "borrow" the ideas from elsewhere. Occasionally I'll have a moment of brilliance and come up with something on my own, but it's not everyday that's for sure!

What's it like to be a Demonstrator?
Basically a demonstrator is like being a VIP customer - you just get more benefits and perks along the way. As well as access to lots of resources. It can be whatever you want it to be - anything from a full-time income and business, right through to supporting your papercrafting hobby. The papercrafting industry is a huge business - and it's exciting to be with a company that is seeing amazing growth in this country - especially when times are tough for so many other industries.

What does your husband think of all this?
Actually I get asked that question a lot! Greg is very supportive of what I am doing with SU. At the beginning he wasnt quite so sure though - it took a little while to see that my "hobby" was in fact becoming a viable business. He also got to come on last year's Incentive Trip with me to Palm Cove and it was really great for both of us to do that together, as he got a really close-up look at what SU is all about and what kind of company they are. Even though he will support anything that makes me happy (for which I am so grateful), he is a realist and we both know that for me this has to also contribute to our mortgage - I really dont want to have to return to the full-time workforce. When I joined I made a deal with Greg that I would earn back the money I spent on the SU starter kit - I've done that many many times over!

Well now it's your turn - if you have any questions for me I would love to hear them. It can be about any aspect of SU or their products - just post your questions in the comments section below. I will answer the questions in future posts in the coming days. Everyone who asks a question will be entered into the draw to win a Mystery pack of ribbons and pieces. (I can only offer this prize to Non-Demonstrators and residents of Australia - although everyone is welcome to ask the questions!)

And separate to that, if anyone would like to receive an information pack about becoming a Demonstrator, please contact me at There is no obligation, but if you have been thinking about it, you might as well have all the facts!

I'm looking forward to hearing your questions. :-)

Linda H


Michelle said...

WOW Linda - that's so exciting for you. Congratulations! You work hard, and create such lovely things, that I'm looking forward to spending a little time getting to know you on Incentive Trip this year!!! YAY!!

Courtenay Heuston said...

Thats great Linda.
I'd like to ask whats the biggest demonstration you have hosted - how many people and how much in sales?