Monday, 14 March 2016

Welcome to the March Blog Share with the MKPLSU design team! Metallics!

Welcome to this month's Blog Share for the Memory Keeping with Project Life by Stampin'Up design team! Phew.. that's a mouthful!  So instead I usually just call it MKPLSU... it's certainly easier to type! And we are back this month with some awesome new pages to show you.... this month's theme is "Metallics".

To be truthful this month's theme was going to be "Gold", but having just got married last month, and with a silver/grey/blue wedding theme, I was a little sad not to be able to work with silver.  So they kindly bent the rules just for me, and them theme became "Metallics".  Hooray!

I've started working on my 6"x8" wedding albums. The reason for the 6"x8" format is that they make awesome gifts.. which is precisely what I want them for!  Today I would like to share with you a couple of tips for working with 6"x8" albums.

1.  The title page!

There are lots of different ways to tackle this one, but its hard to go past printing a beautiful stand out photo, enlarged to 6"x8", and using it to tell your story!  In this case I printed one of my favourite wedding photos and used a combination of stickers and die-cut numbers to show the date.  Title done!

Tip: If you prefer not to stick embellishments directly on to your photos, there is nothing to stop you from sticking them instead to the outside of the page protector! It looks the same when the album is flat, but your photo is undamaged.

2. Have your trimmer handy!

I always have my trimmer handy no matter what album format I am using, but this becomes even more important with a 6"x8" album. You will want to use the smaller 3"x4" pockets for closely cropped photographs.  Having photos of different sizes adds to the interest and impact of the album.  If your album only showed 6"x4" photos it could get kind of boring.  With 6"x8" albums you will do more cropping and trimming than ever! And portrait photos always need to be cropped... the only 6"x4" pockets in the 6"x8" albums are all landscape.

3. Don't forget the journalling.

With only a few pockets on each page it can be tempting to omit the journalling. But I urge you to do it!  Your story is really important... especially how you felt, and other details that might not be obvious in the photos.  What time of day was it?  What was the weather like?  Was there a reason that person has a silly look on their face?  And don't be scared to write in your own handwriting!  Who cares if you don't have perfect writing? It's yours!

4. Less is more

Don't feel that you have to go overboard with the embellishments.  In fact, Project Life is all about 2 things: the photos and your story!  So keep your embellishments subtle... they should highlight or in some way add to what is there already. They may also have value in trying together various photos to make the whole thing more cohesive.

Here's a few more pages to show off the silver accents... I've used a combination of the Love Story Project Life kit, and also played with the silver accents in the SAB2016 Project Life card kit. (You'll see more of that one in later pages that I haven't yet showed you).  Oh and one more thing.... I used lots of our new Silver glitter tape from the Metallic tapes... this awesome tape is only available until the end of March. I love it!

I hope you've enjoyed this beginning of my wedding album..... I have lots more to do, but I'm enjoying watching it come together.  If you would like to see more over the coming weeks please comment below and let me know!

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Linda, well done and congratulations

Leonie Schroder said...

Beautiful pages Linda to commemorate such a wonderful day for you both! I love the idea of putting the stickers/numbers on the outside - you can still touch/feel it then :)

Elizabeth Richards said...

What beautiful colors in these pages! Absolutely gorgeous.