Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Eeeek, I've been tagged (again)

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This whole tag thing has been around for a little while now. The idea is that you have to tell 7 things about yourself that other people might find vaguely interesting, and then pass it on. So Im embarrassed to admit that I have now been tagged 3 times - once by the lovely Marelle and twice by the cheeky Angela. Embarrassed because I've never responded to a tag because I wasnt sure that I had 7 truly interesting things to say. Still not sure that these are all that riveting, but here you go...

1. I think of myself as a "child of the 80's" and know all kinds of music trivia from that era. (Always loved those "name that tune" games... if its an 80's song I have a good chance of winning)

2. I lived in South Korea for a year after I finished school as an exchange student.

3. I have a complete and utter phobia of snakes

4. I am married to my brother's wife's brother. (Doesnt that make your brain hurt? And yes, it's legal)

5. My favourite place that I ever lived was in a one bedroom apartment in Manly with views of the Ocean and the Harbour. It was fantastic!

6. One of my favourite treats in the world is going to the hairdressers... I'll pay extra for one of those head massages that they give you, or offer them extra money if they make it last longer! I know that's sad.

7. A few of my all time favourite films are The Princess Bride, The Shawshank Redemption, Parenthood, Mystic Pizza and others too numerous to name. I love movies, but dont get to go very often.

Now, who should I tag?

Tracy W







Dont worry girls, I wont hold you to it.

I hope you enjoy the card at the top of this post. I used the Stampin'Up "Simply Scrappin" pack materials for the card, and also borrowed the inspiration for the card from the cover of the pack. These packs are Sooo much better than I thought they would be! There's everything in there that you need to make both layouts and cards, and lots of them. I used one at a workshop on Saturday to make a layout and several people ordered them. It just proves that people need to see and maybe even use something before they can really see how great it is.

Anyway... I hope you all enjoy it, and I'll see you next post!



Karen Oliver said...

Doh! I was so hoping to quietly slip under the radar lol.

cdaly said...

Gorgeous card and thanks (NOT) for the tag!!