Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Thailand Achiever's Blog Hop - Thailand Highlights

Welcome to this month's Thailand Achievers Blog Hop!  I'm writing to you from Australia and delighted to be able to join this awesome group of cardmakers and business women in another blog hop.  Because when you start earning trips with StampinUp, you know you are definitely headed in the right direction business-wise too!  My main aim with StampinUp (apart from just the fun bits) is to earn my income from it... and lucky for me, a bi-product of that is these fabulous trips we get to go on!

I have been running my StampinUp business for nearly 11 years. That is to say... I bought a demonstrator kit back in 2006, thinking that it might help me pay for my scrapbooking habit, and looked like it would be a lot of fun.  Since then it has certainly done those things... but also supported my little family during my 7 years as a single parent.  At the beginning I had another job too, but my goal was to be able to earn enough money from the job I truly loved (the SU job!) and be able to drop my other work which I didn't love as much (and was a lot more inconvenient - requiring a long commute).  In November 2012 I kissed the other job goodbye for good, and became a full time StampinUp girl!

Thailand was my 9th trip with StampinUp!  And I loved every minute of it.  StampinUp always pick the most amazing 5 star locations for our trips, and the Angsana Phuket was no exception.  But I have to tell you I can't pick a favourite trip.... it's like being asked to pick a favourite child!  They all have their unique attributes and I love them all for different reasons! I've decided to include a few of my favourite moments from my Thailand trip... here are my


1. Food!  OMG... I've always loved Thai food, but eating thai food IN Thailand was such a treat! Everything was so fresh and so flavourful.... and as an extra special treat my husband and I spent a morning at a Thai Cooking school and cooked some fantastic recipes.  It even included a visit to the market to learn which spices and ingredients we were cooking with!

2.  Friends!  What makes StampinUp trips special.... the answer has to be friends!  Sure I could spend (a lot of) money and shout myself a trip to Thailand... but it wouldn't be with this crowd of people or with such amazing company!  I miss my demonstrator friends!

3. Adventure! We got to have a LOT of fun whilst away and did some things I don't usually get to do at home. Like quad bike riding through the Thai jungle.... canoeing through caves... exploring a floating village.... swimming in blue blue water......

4. Pillow Gifts!  Imagine coming home to your room.... and there is a gift waiting for you on your bed.  Every. Single. Day.  Believe me... it really is as wonderful as it sounds!  As with every trip... we were SO SPOILED!  Unfortunately I cant show you all the gifts because we were very spoiled with new Holiday products that I am not yet allowed to show!  So here are just a few of the gifts that I AM allowed to show off....

5. Relaxation! Some of you might know that I had a pretty stressful lead up to this trip, as my Mum passed away only a couple of weeks before.  I was definitely needing some down time.... and I found it in amongst all the fun and adventure.  Taking time out is something I don't always make time to do and this holiday was perfect timing.

6. Revelations!  One of the fun things at this trip was the Holiday catalogue launch that we got to take part in.... I can assure you that you are going to LOVE the new Holiday catalogue coming your way in September!  PLUS we got to find out where the next Incentive trip will be to in 2019.... its a cruise around the GREEK ISLES!  Woo hoo!  We start earning that one in October!  (Sorry I cant show you any pics of the revelations..... most of it is Holiday Catalogue stuff that I cant show until next month!)

Im currently working on earning my 10th trip... its an Alaskan Cruise which my husband and I have had on our bucket lists.  Still time to earn it though!

I hope you've enjoyed this group of photos of my trip!  There are lots more on my FaceBook Business Page so feel free to check those out too.  (Make sure you hit the "like" button over there to stay in touch!)

Ever think of doing what I do?  Believe me, I count joining StampinUp as one of the very best decisions of my life!  For more information click the "Join my Team" button above.... and this month there is a fantastic joining special too!

Enjoy the rest of the blog hop!  Click the name below mine on the list to continue.  Have a fantastic day!

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