Thursday, 12 October 2017

Video Tutorial: How to make a Quilted Pizza Box

Today we are making quilted pizza boxes!  I actually created this video earlier this week as a Facebook Live video... I do these on my Facebook Business page from time to time (if you are not a follower of my page click HERE to visit and then make sure you hit the "like" button), and they seem to be very popular.  But this week I became even more reliant on the Facebook videos because I've been unable to upload videos from my phone to my computer.... so I used the Facebook live format instead.

Technology is a wonderful thing..... when it works..... sigh.

But I simply HAD to show you how to make these cute little boxes.  I love them!  Today's version shows off the gorgeous Quilted Christmas suite and you will love it too!

So check out the video... its a little longer than I would normally do, but I'm sure you will enjoy the project.  And don't forget to make yourself a cuppa to share with me whilst you are watching!


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Anonymous said...

I was on the fence about this set - but you have done a great job with your project and have changed my mind. Thanks,