Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon Share!

As we approach the end of our current catalogue (can you believe that this year's retirement list will be out NEXT WEEK???) I have started thinking about all the things I am going to miss when they retire.  So even though the current catalogues do not end until the end of May, many items will be discontinuing, and many will sell out prior to the catalogue end date.

Amongst the first things to go will be the 2016-18 In color items.. especially the ink refills!  If you don't have refills for your ink my suggestion is to grab them now!!!  Other In Color items such as cardstock and accessories are likely to go quickly too.

I have many items that I love in this catalogue, but I want to grab some of my very favourite ribbons - the Crinkled Seam Binding ribbons - before they are gone.  I love this ribbon!  Its so easy to work with and ties beautifully.  And I love ALL these colours!

I thought you might like to grab some too?  If you are in Australia you are very welcome to put your hand up to be part of this share.  There are 4 rolls of the ribbon in the colours you see in the picture above, and there is 9.1m of ribbon on each roll.  So I will run shares of 4 people.... as many as are required... and I will divide the rolls into 4 so that each person will receive approximately 2.25m of each colour.   The cost per person is $15.  So you get 1/4 of each roll of each colour... for a total of $15 including postage.

To be part of the share click HERE to email me and let me know.  Use "Ribbon Share" in the subject line of your email.   I will add your name to the list of those in the share and send you payment details.  I will close off the share signup as at Friday 13th April.

See you soon!

Linda D

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