Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Just for fun...

Has anyone seen that ad on TV where they are talking about how parents feel when they see their little people heading off to school? You think it's going to be sad and all about how to face an empty house, and then the parents all start doing the "happy dance" because the kids are back at school?? I LOVE that ad!

I'm feeling it especially now that Christmas is all done, hubby is back to work and Im doing the full time Mum thing with them at home. Aaaaaargh. And I even have the little one in Daycare a couple of days a week... and I'm still over it!

So while little guys has been napping for an hour this afternoon I have been making a couple of quick cards with my 6yo daughter to give her something to do. It's definitely getting easier as she doesnt need constant help. We were playing with the Pick a Petal set as it's one of her favourites. She made her own embellishment out of circles - very cute. (She wont accept any help from me whatsoever) Here's the card I did:

And here's the card that Emma did (actually she did 3, but this was the one she liked the best):

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Amber said...

Love the pick a petal card, I have had that stamp set for over a year uninked....might have to case. Let your daughter know her card is beautiful.