Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Stamp Club starts tomorrow night - wanna see what we're making?

As my first Stamp Club for the year is beginning this week, I thought you guys would like to see what we are going to be making. Although the ones that the girls are making tomorrow will be in different colours... this is just a sample to give you an idea.

I saw this idea originally on Makeesha Byl's blog.. and thought it would be perfect for the Stamp Club. In Stamp Club we make lots of different projects - something a bit more involved than what you would normally make at a workshop. This gift card holder is fabulous for gifts and once you've made one, you can quickly and easily make lots more. Just by changing the patterned paper and cardstock you make them up to suit both the girls and the men in our lives.

Rather than use a gift card tomorrow, we are going to make a card and a calendar to go into the holder. This is what it looks like when it's closed;

If you would like more information about anything in this post please feel free to contact me at

Kids are back at school now, and Im getting my SU business back on the road, so you will be seeing more classes and events coming up soon.



Pamela said...

Hi Linda,

These look gorgeous!! I am sure your stamp club will have fun.


Kerrie said...

Wow Linda, these look fantastic. Hope you have a fun night making them..
Cheers Kerrie xx