Friday, 9 September 2011

Look what came by courier today!

I just love surprises in the mail!

Here's what was inside:

Air Tickets and itinery, schedule for the 5 days away, and wheel spin tickets to win prizes each day we are there. All inside this cute Fijian wallet and tied up in raffia. I love the thought and detail that goes into these things. And I love the little rubber stamp on the outside of the wallet too.... how appropriate!

Since you guys are the reason I am going, I thought you'd like to see it all. It's just over a month til we fly, so its great to have all the tickets and information now. Now just waiting for my new passport to arrive!

Back soon with some more new stuff!


Lizzy Hill said...

You go girl! Looks like the start of a very exciting, well thought out adventure:)

joy Cunneen said...

What a great time you will have. Not long to go