Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mediterranean Achievers Blog Hop.... Med Cruise Highlights!

I've already shown you a few of my recent Mediterranean Cruise photographs, but of course there are so many that I haven't shown you yet!  And this months Achievers Blog Hop provides me with another opportunity to show you some of the AWESOME holiday that we recently enjoyed courtesy of Stampin'Up!  (If you'd like to see some of my other highlight pics you can see them HERE, and HERE)

Firstly I want you to know that this is not just showing off for the sake of showing off!  I completely and honestly believe that ANYONE can achieve these trips with Stampin'Up!  Thats not just words... its the truth. And this is from someone that has earned 9 trips to date.  I remember how it started for me.... I saw other demonstrators getting up on stage to receive the honour of earning the trip, and I thought... if they can do it.... why cant I?  From that moment I decided I wanted to go on trips too, and that was it!

Yes, its work. But when you love what you do, you don't really care. I've always been very determined to earn the trips, and also very sure that I could do it.  A couple of times I had other life stuff going on, and so it took me longer. A couple of times it was down to the wire, and only got there by the skin of my teeth.... but what is cool is that Stampin'Up treat everyone that earns a trip equally. Whether you earn it first, or at the last minute, we all earn the same trip. And other demonstrators cheer you on!  I love the community of demonstrators that I work closely with!

So if you see others going on the trip, and wish it was you... why not???  You just need to be determined AND consistent, but I promise that it can be done.  This time in Europe we had quite a number of first time achievers.... and every time there are new people who make the trip.  Of course, once they've been, and seen how amazing these trips are, they are keen to be there again!  Personally, I don't ever want to miss one!

So this month, seeing as you've already seen many of my "highlights"... I thought I'd show you some Project Life pics that I've been adding to my 2016 album since I returned... of course there are still lots to do, but here are just a few of my favourites :-)  And there are certainly other highlights... but here's just a few! (With one of my personal highlights this year being the fact that Paul and I travelled TOGETHER for the first time... both travelling from the same country!)

Day 1-2... The Trip over and Arriving in Barcelona

Day 5 in Pompeii:

And of course.. PILLOW GIFTS are always a highlight!

Need more motivation?  Click on the links from the other achievers below who have chosen to be part of this month's blog hop!  I know you will enjoy seeing the Mediterranean through their eyes!


ness said...

Love love love your highlights........still laughing about that missing leaf!Thanks for sharing your Project Life creations.....what a great way to record your memories! ;)

~ Cynthia said...

You certainly put me to shame with your fully-chronicled memories already!! I know you had plenty of great material to choose from. Hope you enjoyed your trip even partly as much as we did! Enjoy the coming weekend too. God Bless ~Cynthia <><

Phyllis Shepherd said...

What a great time!!! Here's to many happy memories!!!