Friday, 21 November 2014

Festival of Trees, Lost Lagoon, Silver and white. Magic!

I made this card today whilst preparing for a workshop tomorrow. The hostess is hoping to make quite a lot of cards for Christmas so asked that I come up with a simple design.

There is something about blue and white together that is just magic. Its clean and fresh. The blue here is "Lost Lagoon" (in my workshops I keep calling it "Blue Lagoon" which makes everyone giggle.. I just say I am having a Christopher Atkins moment) and the ribbon and ink and cardstock all match (of course!)  I added in some silver (the foil DSP is from the All is Calm paper pack) and some silver foil vellum too.  I also embossed the Naturals White background with the "Lucky Stars" folder for a bit of extra impact.

Im sure they will like it tomorrow, and I hope you do too! Here's the full card...

To book your own workshop with me just click HERE to send me a quick email. I'll come to you and show you whats new and exciting from Stampin'Up and we will create something for everyone to tai home.  I travel anywhere in the Hunter, Central Coast or Sydney metro areas. And don't forget we have a new catalogue (and our Sale-a-Bration specials) starting on the 5th January. I am already booking dates into January so call me if you'd like to have your own :-)

Below are the products I used to create today's card (click on them to order)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Looking for a great Christmas gift? Here it is!

If you are looking for a great gift for a crafty friend this Christmas, but you're not sure what to get... I have the solution for you!  I've been making up these great gift card holders, and you can either add a gift card of your choice.. or even better... you can purchase a gift card from me to allow the recipient to choose their own present from Stampin'Up's awesome catalogues.  You can make the voucher for any amount that you choose. And don't forget, if they delay their spending until the 5th January they will be able to be part of the Sale-A-Braton promotion... our biggest promo of the year... to make even better use of their voucher!

There are two ways to purchase gift vouchers from me.  First you let me know the value of the gift card that you would like... I will make up the gift card holder (like the one you see here) and then you can choose to pay cash/bank deposit/Paypal for the amount that you select.  OR if you prefer to pay via credit card the bonus is that you don't pay for the gift until it is redeemed when the recipient places their order.  So thats one way to delay some of your Christmas spending until AFTER Christmas.. so its a good way to help with the budget :-)

Once we have sorted out how you are paying for the card I will then get it to you (anywhere in Australia) so that you have it ready to give to your lucky giftee.

To redeem the card, the  recipient will contact me and let me know what they want. If it has been paid for in advance they can just choose their products and they will be sent directly to them. If the voucher is awaiting a credit card payment, then i will contact you when the order is placed and we will use your credit card at that time to go ahead with the order.

To order your gift vouchers please contact me by clicking HERE.  Vouchers are redeemable until March 31st 2015.

Every year I make up new Christmas gift card holders... but I really love how these ones turned out, and they were really simple to make. Hmmmm... I feel a video tutorial coming on.....

Enjoy the gift card holder and I will be back with more for you soon. :-)


Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Seasonally Scattered Stamp set is awesome for simple cards

This is another card for my Stamp-A-Stack this week coming (have you booked in yet?) and I really liked the simplicity of it. Sometimes less is more, and I think this card proves it.

We'll be making 6 cards at this week's classes so that will help you make some good progress on your Christmas card stash :-)  So you'll go home with 3 like this one, and 3 like the one in the previous post (click HERE to see that one) all for a cost of $20.  My classes are held on the Central Coast (Australia) and I use Stampin'Up products to create all our gorgeous projects.  All materials and refreshments are provided.

The dates this week are:

Tuesday 18th November @7.30pm
Wednesday 19th November @ 11am (only 3 spots left)

Click HERE to reserve your seat.

Enjoy today's card.. I've listed the supplies below so that you can purchase the supplies to make your own card if you wish. To purchase, just click the SHOP NOW button.  Orders are shipped directly to your door, anywhere in Australia for a low postage charge.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas Card Classes coming up! Book your spot!

I have added new classes to the schedule, and by popular demand I have added extra Christmas card Stamp-A-Stacks. So at each of those classes, you will make 6 Christmas cards to add to your stash. Each time we create 3 each of 2 different designs, for a cost of $20 including envelopes.  Of course this covers all your supplies and refreshments too.

So if you would like to get your Christmas cards made in time this year... come along to one or more of the following dates:

Tuesday 18th November @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 18th November @ 11am (only 2 spots left)
Tuesday 2nd December @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 3rd December @ 11am
Tuesday 16th December @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 17th December @ 11am

There are other classes too, (Project Life and an ADVENT CALENDAR!) so check them out over on the right hand side of this blog (scroll down a little). More classes are being announced soon too so stay tuned.

And yes, the card you see above is one of our cards we'll be creating this week.  Click HERE to email me and reserve your spot!

Linda xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Video Tutorial By Popular Demand: my Christmas Diorama Card

Here we go guys... last week I showed you my Christmas Diorama Card... and to say it received a LOT of great feedback is actually an understatement.  Thank you so much for the kind words about the project!  I had it rolling around in my head for a while before I sat down to make it, and I'm so glad that it turned out even better than I expected :-)

As promised I have a made a Video Tutorial so that you can create your own. I made these with some of my Stamp Clubs this month... and they loved them too!  The most time-consuming part of the Diorama card is the decorating bit... it really depends on how much work you want to put into the scene at the back of the card.  I'll be showing you a few more samples of Diorama cards in different styles over the next few weeks, so either check back here or if you do the Facebook thing, you may find it easier to "like" my Facebook Business page as all my blog projects and other samples appear there too.  And of course I do pin all my blog projects to Pinterest too, so you can always follow me over there!

In the meantime please check out the Video Tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it, and I'll be back with more for you very soon.

Linda x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cards by Accident :-) A non-traditional Christmas colour scheme

Sometimes I purposefully sit down at my desk in order to make a card or other projects. And sometimes it happens by accident.  Let me explain.

The "Projects by Accident" are the ones that often are the most fun.  And mainly because they are always such a surprise. On Friday night I had one of my Stamp Clubs in my home, and after we all finished chatting, laughing and creating, they all went home.  Before the events my craft room always looks pretty organised.  So it looked like this:

But during the club it looked like this:

So its safe to say that there is always a bit of clean up to do after we are done.  There is bits of cardstock and other offcuts and such all over the place. I had another club coming around late on Saturday morning so I went in on Saturday morning to straighten things up ready for the next round. And in front of me on the table were some left over gold stars, and a piece of blackberry bliss cardstock.  And I saw them sitting there together and they spoke to me. Yep, just like that. Suddenly instead of cleaning up, I was creating with a whole new colour scheme with what I had found there on the desk. I was suddenly in "design mode" and very quickly after that I had created the card you see here today.

So even though I didn't set out to make this card... thats what I ended up with. Kinda fun huh?  Maybe its just that I can be terribly productive when I am actually procrastinating.....

Why don't you head into your crafting space and see if anything lying around inspires you to come up with an unexpected project??


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas Diorama Card!

During the next week I have 3 stamp clubs and this time I wanted to create something festive to celebrate our last club dates before Christmas.

So here is a Sneak Peek at what I came up with.  I've been thinking about creating a Diorama Card for some time now... and I decided that the Holiday Home stamp set would be perfect for this! It was actually really simple to make... but I love how it turned out!  If there is enough interest out there I thought I might create a Video Tutorial for you so that you can make your own too. (Let me know if you would like me to do this so I can gauge the interest level)  You can comment below, comment on my Facebook Business Page, or email me.

And I hope that the Stamp Club girls love it too....

Which might make some of you ask... what is Stamp Club?  Its a really simple idea.. each Stamp Club has 6 members.  Most of my stamp clubs are bi-monthly, and so every second month we get together to make something that is a bit special (more than the average workshop project).  Usually clubs are at my place, but I am happy to do them further away as well.  Each club member commits over the course of the year to spend a minimum of $50 on Stampin'Up product at each club event.  This means that we always have sales of $300 or more each time, and so each club member takes turns to be the hostess. Which in turn means that each time the hostess gets free dollars to spend on product of her choice.  The only other commitment is that when its your turn to host, you bring along something to eat.
So basically, its a club where you spend $50 minimum each time (every second month) and during the year you will get to take advantage of the hostess benefits when it is your turn.

I have a few spots available for clubs starting in the new year.  If you would like to be part of one of my clubs, or if you have a group of interested people who would like to start their own... then please click HERE to register your interest. Clubs are filled on a first-in, first served basis. And you will get to make some awesome things!

Enjoy the Diorama today :-)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Beautifully Blended Christmas Bauble

If you've been paying attention you might notice that this Christmas card today is very similar to one I posted last week.  Truth is, its basically the same card. I was preparing for a Blendabilities workshop, and the lady who was hosting the afternoon requested that I use the Christmas Bauble. So I had a think and decided that the design I had previously used with the Partridge & Pears stamp, would also work beautifully with the Christmas Bauble. I changed the colours, and the embossing folder and voila! Another great card :-)

Of course creating beautiful cards is easy with Stampin'Up!  Here in Australia we are enjoying our latest Holiday catalogue, full of co-ordinating products... and its that co-ordination thing that makes creating with SU so simple! Stampin'Up does co-ordination like nobody else! The blendability markers I used were Cherry Cobbler and Old Olive.. and so of course I used the matching cardstock as well.  And because its Christmas I reserve the right to use bling at any time... hence the Gold glimmer paper behind the circle.  There's not a lot of thinking involved.. which is great when you just want to create stuff that just works!

I've been working on my latest projects and a new class schedule... so stay tuned for that shortly.

I hope you enjoy the card.  Have fun getting creative!

Linda x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Australian Tweaking of the Watercolor Winter Kit

Yet another great kit has been released by Stampin'Up... and today I wanted to show you some of the cards made up from the kit.  You can see all four cards above in the picture, and they really were quite easy to make. But here's the thing... much as I love America, and also Americans (hec, Im even engaged to a wonderful American man!) there are times when I need to "Australianise" things a little.  In this kit, there was a couple of things that I felt needed to be tweaked to make them a little more "Aussie friendly".

The first thing is that here in Australia we don't say "Happy Holidays". Not. Ever.  It just sounds weird to us. It's "Merry Christmas". Or sometimes "Happy Christmas". But never "Happy Holidays". One of the cards in the kit featured the words "Happy Holidays" on it, so of course I changed it to "Happy Christmas".  Easily done.

Then there is the issue of the sled. Ok.. lets be honest... there is the whole issue of a Wintry Christmas too. But somehow we have had enough exposure to that idea to appreciate it here as well. We understand that Christmas means snow, and cold, and other Wintry matters. (Even though we are more likely to swelter our way through a hot Christmas by hanging at the beach)  But I somehow just couldn't do the sled. It has been suggested to me that it would still work if we wanted to send those cards overseas to colder climates, and yes, i suppose it would. But I changed the sled to a star, and that worked better for me.  Here it is...

So I am running this slightly Australianised version of the kit as an upcoming class on Tuesday night the 11th November @7.30pm.  Or Thursday 13th November @ 11am.  You'll make 4 cards with me on the day, and then you will also receive your own Watercolor Winter kit to take home with you to make the remaining 16 cards... yep thats right.. the kit gives you enough to make 20 cards!

The kit itself costs $42.95, but I am charging $50 to come and make the 4 cards with me, and this includes the kit. I will of course provide any materials that you may wish to use in addition to what is in the kit.

If you don't wish to purchase the kit, you can still do the class, and make the 4 cards for a cost of $20.

Refreshments are also provided.

Click HERE to email me soon as I will need to order the kits by mid this week (approximately the 5th November)

Below I've included a video to show you just what you'll get in your kit. Enjoy!

Friday, 31 October 2014

November Christmas Stamp-A-Stack.. Want to see what we are making?

I have another Chistmas Stamp-A-Stack next week, and I thought you'd like to see what we are making.  The bad news though is that my Wednesday class is completely BOOKED OUT. (Well that's not bad news for me, or for you if you are already booked in!)  But the good news is that I still have a few spots on the Tuesday evening (4th November) so if you would like to come along, please click HERE and let me know.

What's a Stamp-a-Stack? Well, as the name suggests.. you get to stamp and create a stack of cards! We'll make 6 cards... 3 each of 2 different designs.  These classes are super-popular.. especially at this time of year since it means you go home with 6 more completed Christmas cards to add to your stash of cards.  Everything is included in the class, so you need only bring yourself.  And of course there are refreshments too, making it a good night out.  The cost is $20.

Enjoy today's cards, and I hope to see you at a class soon!