Saturday, 29 October 2016

Swaps for Brisbane Onstage November 2016

Im getting very very excited about what's happening less than one week from now.  Our first global Onstage event is being held in Brisbane for 3 amazing days next week.  We used to have our annual Convention, just for South Pacific demonstrators.  But these days Stampin'Up have changed the format quite a lot, and they have one main event held every 6 months, with smaller training events staged around the world simultaneously.  And on the 3rd November Australia gets to host its very first global event. This means that there are demonstrators and staff from around the world coming to our part of the world to train and celebrate with us.... and that's kind of a big deal!

I don't make swaps for every event, although the last few events I have started making team gifts. But I already have my team gifts sorted this time around (cant believe I'm actually early with those for once!) and so I thought I'd make use of the head start and actually make up a few swaps for the event. I haven't finished them yet, but this is a few of my first design.... I am someone that cant bear to make too many cards the same (I get bored) so making up swaps in smaller numbers is more my thing.  I'm hoping that when these are done I will have time to do a few more of a different type.

The colour is Sweet Sugar Plum and I've used the 3d stamping (AKA shadow stamping) to create this effect.  I'll show you the finished card when I have them all done :-)

Linda x

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